A student assisting a model in an O&P courseThe HOPE Careers Consortium’s mission was to put more Americans to work in the O&P profession.

Serving O&P businesses, the HOPE Careers Consortium was developed to ensure the industry has a well-educated professional workforce with the latest skills needed to serve customers and contribute to business success.

The HOPE Careers Consortium worked on four levels to strengthen and expand the talent pool for the O&P profession:

  • Updating and upgrading existing curricula to be responsive to continually evolving business needs;
  • Introduction of new courses and programs to meet changing professional standards (by businesses and accrediting bodies);
  • Creating more online learning opportunities to encourage more learners to enter the field; and, for incumbent workers to conveniently upgrade their skills;
  • Purchasing new equipment for O&P labs to ensure that students have access to modern tools and equipment.

We continue to invite professionals to collaborate with our institutions as advisers and employers of our graduates!

Consortium Wide Certificate Programs

The five consortium institutions consisted of: Baker College in Flint, MI; Century College in White Bear Lake, MN; Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee, OK; Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, WA; St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, FL.

Currently Offered:

  • Orthotic Fitter Certificate: Century, Oklahoma St. IT, St. Petersburg
  • Orthotic and Prosthetic Technology Certificate: Baker
  • Orthotic Technology Certificate: Century, Oklahoma St. IT, Spokane Falls
  • Prosthetic Technology Certificate: Century, Oklahoma St. IT, Spokane Falls
  • Therapeutic Shoe Fitter Certificate: Oklahoma St. IT
  • Mastectomy Fitter Certificate: St. Petersburg
  • Orthotist Assistant Certificate: St. Petersburg
  • Pedorthic Certificate: St. Petersburg, Baker
  • Animal Patient Certificate: Baker
  • Orthotic and Prosthetic Office Assistant Certificate: Century

Our Career Navigators

As of March 31, 2017 Career Navigators are no longer funded at our institutions. These persons provided recruitment, coaching, and advising for students enrolling in courses offered in conjunction with the TAACCCT USDOL grant in order to ensure retention, completion, and job placement. The Navigator used college placement tools such as the online Career Coach application, business/industry contacts, and the college’s career services programs to assist students with employment placement.